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It’s not blocked yet, so forgive the wonky shape in some places.

Also, please forgive that this pic is taken with my phone. The actual color is more true red, not as pink as it looks here.

Now, let’s just hope it fits him…


The wedding craft madness has well and truly begun. In the past week I have (with the help of several fantastic friends)…

1. Made these adorable buttons:

They will go in the favor bags. Aren’t they cute? Also, I love how just about any photo taken with the Hipstamatic app looks artsy.

2. Made the favor bags themselves. Well, most of them. We got about 75 done in one sitting. Still need to do about 30-40 more.

3. Made chalkboard signs for use in the photo booth (tutorial to come, if I remember to bring the cord for my camera, so I can upload pics).

4. Made the stencils for the groomsman gifts. Mr. Cake and I need to go buy the mugs today after work, and then the etching can begin!

5. Burned around 65 cds. Over halfway there!

Also, we now have a working stove, so I will soon be delving in to the glamorous world of wine bottle label removal. When I googled it this morning to see which techniques were most recommended, I found that more people than I expected are interested in such label removal. Most of them are scrapbooking their wine labels, not using the bottles, though. I was surprised at the number of articles out there on this. They all seem to have different thoughts on which methods work best. I shall have to try a few and see for myself.

Oh, and I did a good bit of knitting on the ringbearer vest. I’d say it’s about 85% done now.

Whew! That was a productive weekend. I might actually get everything done in time!

I realized today that I must turn into a CRAFTING FIEND to get everything done in the next 19 days. In fact, I need to put unpacking our house on the back burner until after the wedding. As much as I would like to have a fully decorated house to come home to after the honeymoon, I just don’t think there’s time.

Here’s my list:

Priority #1: Finish my shrug. This just entails weaving in ends, blocking, and sewing on 20 button “eyes.”

Priority #2: Finish the ringbearer’s vest. It’s about half knit at the moment, and I intended to do some embroidery on it, as well.

Priority #3: Wine bottles. Update: we now have a stove. It is not yet operational, but soon (I hope). It’s 1970s-tastic. See?

Priority #4: Make CD favors. Burning 100+ CDs on my laptop. Fun.

Priority #5: Printing stuff. CD inserts, cards that ask folks to email us their pictures and give them the link to view ours, etc.

Priority #6: Etch beer mugs for groomsmen.

Priority #7: Super Secret Bridesmaid Gift Crafting. (No details will be given here because a) I want it to be a surprise, and b) I may not get it done).

Well, that’s enough of a list to make my head explode! And that’s not even counting the stuff I have to buy, the lists I need to make, and the folks I need to check with for progress reports on THEIR projects.

As I’ve said for the millionth time already this month…remind me why we didn’t elope?

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