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Or, how I spent time crafting something I could just as easily have bought. 😉

We wanted chalkboards for folks to write messages to us when they use the photobooth at the wedding, kind of like do-it-yourself photo captioning. My original idea was to cut speech bubble shapes out of wood and attach a handle to the back, but I got lazy.

You will need:

  • Chalkboard paint
  • Something to spray it on (after much wandering around Hobby Lobby, I decided on two artist’s canvases–the hard board kind, not the actual stretched canvas, which I felt had too much give)
  • Latex gloves
  • Chalk
  • A felt eraser
  1. Working in a well-ventilated area (such as “outside”) and on a surface that you don’t mind getting permanently messy (such as cardboard or newspaper), spray light, even coats.

    First coat

    Second coat

    In retrospect, gloves would have been a good idea.

    There we go. Moving on...

    Third coat

  2. Wait 24 hours for the paint to fully set, then “cure” the chalkboard by rubbing the entire surface with the long side of a piece of chalk, then wiping it off with a felt eraser.

    The next day. Looking spiffy.

    Curing the chalkboard

    Erasing. Duh.


After my first trip to Hobby Lobby, I realized I had forgotten an eraser. When I went back to get one, I couldn’t find them. Inexplicably, they are not kept next to the chalk. When I finally tracked down an employee, who tracked down the proper aisle, I saw, right there next to the erasers, ready-made chalkboards of approximately the same size as what I made for $8 apiece. The supplies for the ones I made cost about $15, so it would have been a dollar more to buy them rather than make them. Sigh.

Oh well. These have a cleaner look to them, as they don’t have the unfinished wood trim on the edges that definitely screams “SCHOOL CLASSROOM!” And if I want, I can put them in a nice frame later and hang them somewhere in my house, to leave super classy honey-do lists for the hubs. A to-do list is so much more palatable in a gilt frame, don’t you agree?

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My first honest-to-god completed wedding craft*:

“What in the holy heck does a ball of yarn in a sundae cup have to do with your wedding?” you ask.

Well, I’ll tell you.

Instead of a pillow, our ring-bearer will be carrying this. It will have a red ribbon tying some (fake) rings to it. (Don’t look at me like that. My ring is a family heirloom. I’m not taking a chance that my adorable but none-the-less FOUR-YEAR-OLD nephew will lose it.) It combines my love of yarn with our love of ice cream, and it will look so cute in the hands of our cutie-patootie ring-bearer.

It was pretty simple to make. You will need:

A sundae cup (mine came from Garden Ridge and cost $1.49)
A styrofoam ball of a reasonable size to fit in the top of the cup (also from Garden Ridge, $4.99 for a six-pack)
Less than a skein of yarn (I used KnitPicks Shine in Aquamarine, left over from the shrug I knitted myself)

1. Wrap the yarn around the styrofoam ball. This was a little tricky, as it took me several experiments to come up with a way of wrapping it that I liked. If you had a round ball of yarn that you didn’t have another use for, you could just use that. I didn’t want to waste that much yarn with which I could be knitting!

2. Glue the ball of yarn into the sundae cup. I think I used a bit too much glue, as some of it ran down the inside of the cup. Also, I don’t like that it’s visible through the glass. It looks kind of like a wet ring in the yarn. You could avoid this by using an opaque sundae cup. I plan to glue some ribbon over the outside to hide it. Although, honestly, no one but me is going to notice the glue.

3. Thread a short length (probably 6 to 12 inches will do) of ribbon through the yarn on the top, and tie your rings (or fake rings, if you’re a horrible mistrustful aunt like I am) to it!


Next up in Cupcake’s Crafty Corner: As soon as we get somewhat unpacked (oh yeah, we decided to move a month before the wedding, because we are dumb and don’t have enough stress in our lives) and our stove arrives, I shall be boiling wine bottles! If this sounds like a strange activity to you, be sure to stick around for my next craft blog.

*One could argue that my knitted shrug was my first completed wedding craft, but as I have not yet woven in the ends or sewn on the button eyes (yes, my wedding shrug has eyes), it is not entirely completed. I’ll get to that one day. I bought the buttons last weekend, at least!

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