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Tuesday night, Mr. Cake, Mom Cake, and I looked at two more venues.

The first place cost an arm and a leg and had a huge, stuffed dead elk on the wall above where we’d be getting married. Ruled out.

Then we went to see a lake cabin in Mr. Cake’s hometown. It’s pretty plain, but we could have the ceremony outside with the lake in the background, which would be gorgeous. The inside has plenty of room for tables and a dance floor, a full kitchen, and a bar. And the best part is they don’t give a crap what vendors you use, how you decorate, or anything else, as long as you clean the place up afterward. Actually, if you don’t care about forfeiting your $200 cleaning deposit, you don’t even have to do that! It’s within budget, too, which pretty much makes it perfect. We’re all trooping back out there tomorrow to put the deposit down and fill out the paperwork. Woo-hoo!

Best of all, Mom was on her very best behavior the entire time (I was picturing some nightmare scenario where she tries to argue with Mr. Cake about his family tartan kilt clashing with the carpets or something equally frightful), and she even said some very nice “Welcome to the family, son” type things to Mr. Cake at dinner afterward. Could it be that she’s finally getting with the program? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

I’m so excited to have a venue! Mr. Cake and I are meeting with a caterer tomorrow, too. Things are progressing quite nicely.


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