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If anyone out there still cares (or if someone has magically stumbled on this for the first time), here are some pics of how things turned out. Better late than never, yes?

Groomsmen and Dad gifts: customized, etched pilsner glasses.

Mr. Cake and his sweet dance moves, and in the background, a groomsman enjoying his gift.


A cutie in a hand-knit sweater vest carrying a yarn ring sundae.

Alex had the fake rings untied from the yarn ring sundae in under 5 minutes at the rehearsal. So, on the day, they were not only tied but GLUED. I told you four-year-olds could not be trusted with real rings!


A beautiful bridesmaid showing off her knitted hair flower, one of their gifts from me.


De-labeled, spray-painted wine bottles, with daisies...and a photobombing guest.

In the end, a combination of soaking in hot water and scrubbing with steel wool was the best method for removing the labels. It was not an easy process, though. I can’t say I recommend this as a quick and easy wedding craft, but it did have the benefit of being incredibly inexpensive.


Other table decorations: records for Mr. Cake and books for me!


The much-maligned favor bags.

From my husband’s insistence that the bags were wasteful to my maid of honor’s irritation at my bow-tying instructions (no matter how gently I tried to deliver them), these were pretty much the bane of everyone’s existence. But they’re cute, no?


The cutting cake, with its PEZ toppers.

OMG, yummy cupcakes!


The display ended up being much busier than I had envisioned (what’s up with all those grapes, anyway?), but they were delicious, so who cares?

One thing I have previously mentioned that you will notice is not pictured: my hand-knit shrug. During the blocking process, it somehow got a stain on it that I could not remove. Heartbreaking. But I plan to dye it a darker color (perhaps a royal purple) and wear it when we go out on our anniversary.


Since we’re coming up on six months since the wedding, this is obviously no longer a wedding planning blog.

It’s now a Random Crap I’m Working On Blog! Or, I guess, I could call it a project blog. But that’s not as exciting.

Coming soon:
Pics of my various knitting and crochet projects
Details on the costumes I’m making for the hubs and I for Halloween
My EPIC Jello shot concoction project for Wrockstock

Whee! This will be fun.

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