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Wow, it’s been almost two months since the wedding. I feel like there are a million things a conscientious blogger should update her readers on, but as everyone has probably figured out by now, I am definitely not a conscientious blogger. I do want to post some pics of how my various projects I mentioned turned out. I’m really pleased with how everything looked.

As for the question everyone just loves to ask, “How’s married life treating you?” Well, pretty much exactly the same as un-married but co-habitating life was treating me, except now minus the stress of planning the wedding. Maybe it has yet to sink in, or maybe this is it, but I feel exactly the same. Which isn’t bad. We were happy to begin with, which is why we chose to get married.

So, that’s that. Pics to come soon!


Totally. I’m not even sure why. I could come up with excuses, but I think mostly, I just forgot. I remembered the blog recently when I started making crafty things and wanted to post pictures somewhere that was not my Facebook, since I’m a little afraid that I’m annoying my friends with my constant wedding-related status updates.

So, my plan is to do a few “here’s what you missed” posts, a few posts about important things I’ve learned that I think need documenting, and then start the Craft Mania 2011!!!

I’m aware that no one’s reading this, but oh well.


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