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Update: Craft madness

Posted on: April 21, 2011

  • All 115 cds are all burned! Now I just have to print the inserts, trim them, and assemble.

Mr. Cake is a dj. The title of the cd is a play on his dj name.

  • One of my bridesmaids traced the stencils for the groomsman gifts the other night while I burned cds and knitted.

Maid: This would be a lot easier if I had a lightbox.
Me: I can make that happen.

Glass tabletop + lamp on the floor = ghetto lightbox

  • I finished the ringbearer “sundae.”

So cute!

I sewed half the button eyes onto my shrug, removed the labels from about a third of our wine bottles (more on this later), and am really close to finishing the ringbearer vest. I still need to etch the groomsman gifts, work on the Super Secret Bridesmaid Project, and spray paint the bottles. It might all get done. I remain hopeful.


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