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Honeymoon Research

Posted on: April 14, 2011

I spent a good several hours yesterday researching things to do and places to eat in San Francisco, our honeymoon destination. Whee!

I found a really cool tour that takes you to the Muir Woods in the morning and wine country in the afternoon. I’ve been to SF four times now (I think), but I’ve never managed to see the redwoods. The tour includes transportation and three complimentary wine tastings, which I think make it well worth the $89. We’d spend more on a rental car and gas to see those things.

Also, have you seen these before? They look so cool! The little car not only tells you where to go via GPS, but it talks to you about what you’re seeing along the way!

We have a list of “Must Eats,” of course, since we’re both foodies. In addition to our 3 squares a day, I’ve plotted out ice cream parlors, donut shops, cupcake bakeries, etc. We are eaters, and now we have lists and lists of places to eat. (I’m also a list-maker, in case you hadn’t noticed.)

I’m getting super excited about the honeymoon now. I’ve toured SF in a sort of slap-dash manner before, as the purpose of my trip was always to see the people who lived there, not the city. I’d go to museums and such while they were at work, or just wander around the city. But we’re really going to do it up big this time. I can’t wait.


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