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OMG, yes!

Posted on: April 13, 2011


“After becoming engaged, my mother told me, ‘You know, you can be an adult without being married, but you can’t be married and not be an adult.’ At the time, I agreed but didn’t think much about it. Now, six months after our wedding, her words keep coming back to me, ringing as one of the truest characterizations of my own process of getting married. Planning this wedding basically forced my husband and I to confront and negotiate with all the people in our lives at once, and I’ve come to see the pain and frustration that comes with going through all of that as a necessary catalyst for growing up and for carving out a place for our new family within the existing ones.” –APW wedding graduate Anna

Actually, her whole post is pretty amazing:

And I love, love, LOVE her dress and her hair (in fact, after the wedding, I plan to ask my stylist to give me that exact delicious shade of strawberry blonde. WANT!).

But back to the important stuff…

I feel like Anna has managed a positive spin on the stress, frustration, and heartache of wedding planning, and that’s something I desperately need right now. It helps me to think of this pain as something necessary, a part of the process of making something better. Seeing this as work that must be done to build my family, instead of an unnecessarily high level of stress for what is essentially a big party (and not even the biggest party I’ve ever thrown, btw), helps me to feel that it will all be worth it.

Thank you, Anna and APW, for keeping me sane!

Craft update: I got four rows knitted on the ringbearer sweater vest last night. This was during our meeting with the DJ, which went well. I had intended to spend much of the evening watching a movie and knitting, but that didn’t happen, thanks to one of our dogs, who seems to have forgotten he’s house-trained since we moved. I spent the first hour I was home cleaning every conceivable dog-bodily excretion off the carpet, the bed, random boxes we hadn’t unpacked yet… So, yeah. Not as much knitting time as I had hoped, and considerably less relaxation time. Maybe I’ll get to relax sometime in May.


5 Responses to "OMG, yes!"

Caught your link via APW pingback 🙂 I adored her post, too. It held a lot of much needed truth. They always do!

When is your big day??

April 30. It’s coming up so soon!

Congratulations! Our big day is the 21st – only 3 days away!! I’m going crazyyyy with excitement & total cabin fever sitting at my desk, knowing I’m only a full days work away from vacation!

Hahaha! Yeah, I’m as ready for the vacation as I am for the marriage!

Always a good thing 🙂 We bought a house in December where we had to declare Common Law, so this is just going to be a really awesome party to celebrate us. I have a kid as well, so we’re looking at it as the official celebration. I am super excited for the name change, though 🙂

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