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This Love/Hate Relationship

Posted on: March 28, 2011

No, not the one with my fiance. That’s a love/love relationship (ok, a love/mild annoyance relationship, but aren’t they all?). I’m talking about my relationship with the wedding planning website and WIC conspirator The Knot.

I love it for its handy tools, like the budget, guest list, and checklist. It also has very useful articles on traditions and etiquette, which even the indiest of indie brides finds herself in need of occasionally. Turns out, when you’re building your wedding from the ground up, you often need to know how things are usually done, if only to turn them on their ear. I also find it’s easiest to focus on individualizing only the things I really care about and do the rest the way people are expecting it to be done. Saves me a lot of time and energy. The Knot is a good resource for all this.

But then I come across something like this: “Your wedding dress — the one you found after months of searching or the one you stumbled upon at a sample sale — will be the focal point of the day.”

No, I’m sorry, but my wedding dress will not be the focal point of the day. My MARRIAGE will be. Fancy that!


1 Response to "This Love/Hate Relationship"

I use The Knot to track our guest list & our website. The guest list is a friggin life saver – and I’ve browsed pictures for hair inspiration or (as you) for etiquette questions… but that’s it. The rest of their website can make me absolutely batty.

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