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Update: The Ring

Posted on: March 24, 2011

Not the horror movie that you die if you watch (or whatever, I never actually saw it or its Japanese original). My engagement ring.

When last we spoke–or rather, I typed and you read–I had bought myself a giant fake ring that was turning my finger green. That was fun, and I really enjoyed that ring, but Mr. Cake was stressing about getting the “real” ring. I had sent him lots of ideas…too many ideas, it turns out. I confused him mightily. And all those rings I sent him were super cheap. Maybe not as cheap as the cheesy fake ring, but not heirloom quality, either. I just didn’t want him to stress out about the money. Which he was anyway. Because that’s what he does.

Then at Thanksgiving, my mom pulled him aside and gave him a family heirloom ring that had belonged to my great aunt. Apparently, it was my great aunt’s engagement ring from her first marriage (my parents think; everyone is pretty hazy on the story), and she gave it to me when I was a little girl. My parents took it away from me, believing (and rightly so, I realize now) that a seven-year-old doesn’t need a diamond ring and would probably lose it. I had forgotten all about this, but when my mom mentioned it, I vaguely recalled being pissed that my parents had taken something away from me.

Anyhow, they gave it to Mr. Cake to give to me, although they gave him the choice of whether to use it as our engagement ring or not. I was thrilled by it. I am incredibly sentimental, and I love antique jewelry, so it was perfect.

The ring is probably from the 1930’s, definitely pre-World War II. The band is filigreed rose and yellow gold, and it has a square, white diamond. I’m not sure how many carats, but probably a half or less. I don’t mind that it’s small, because my fingers are small, and huge, honking rings tend to look especially gaudy on me. It even fit perfectly without being sized.

I told Mr. Cake that I don’t need a wedding band. Just this simple little gold ring that holds all the love of my aunt’s marriage and all the hope she held for me.

Meanwhile, we got Mr. Cake a tungsten ring with red and black carbon fiber inlay. It couldn’t be more perfect for him, and more opposite of my ring. What a nice little metaphor.

And he’s so funny; he keeps asking if he can wear it. Here’s a typical conversation:

Mr. C: Can I wear my wedding ring?

Me: Nope. Not til we get married.

Mr. C: But…it’s mine!

Me: I bought it. It’s not yours until I give it to you.

Mr. C: Can I just wear it for a little while?

Me: No.

It’s fun. 😀

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