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I fail at cake, too.

Posted on: March 23, 2011

You would think that someone who refers to herself as Cupcake would be totally on top of the wedding cake, if nothing else. But it’s actually the last big thing that we haven’t done.

Well, we have a baker. Maybe. She gave me a quote some time ago, and well, I’ve never gotten back to her.

Mr. Cake and I picked flavors. His is crazy and complicated. Mine is pretty simple. We’ll see if the baker takes one look at what he wants and runs screaming into the night.

We know we want cupcakes. Originally, I wanted to bake them myself. But a million people told me I wouldn’t have time, and even though I know this to be untrue (I’ve baked around 200 cupcakes for a charity ball we throw for the past three years. It’s no biggie), I gave in to the pressure to pay someone else to bake the cupcakes. On the one hand, I’m glad to have one more task off my plate. On the other, I can’t help but fantasize about all the compliments I would receive if I baked my own wedding cupcakes and they were fabulous (as, of course, they would be). But whatevs.

My mom is supposed to be meeting with the cake lady soon…because on top of everything else, Mr. Cake and I are moving this weekend, and I just started a new job. And my old job has not found my replacement yet, so I’m still working it, too. That’s right, I’m moving and working three jobs a month before my wedding. Crazy, right?

Well, if everything goes according to plan, here’s what we’ll have: two types of cupcakes, one red velvet with Grand Marnier filling and Frangelico-scented cream cheese frosting, and one white with key lime filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. The red velvet ones will have B’s on them, and the white will have K’s. They should look something like one or several of these examples:

There will be a small cutting cake on the top of our cupcake tree (, and it will have bride and groom PEZ dispensers as toppers.

So there’s that. It’s all planned out in my head, obviously, but we’ve yet to see if the cake lady can bring it to fruition. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


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