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If anyone out there still cares (or if someone has magically stumbled on this for the first time), here are some pics of how things turned out. Better late than never, yes?

Groomsmen and Dad gifts: customized, etched pilsner glasses.

Mr. Cake and his sweet dance moves, and in the background, a groomsman enjoying his gift.


A cutie in a hand-knit sweater vest carrying a yarn ring sundae.

Alex had the fake rings untied from the yarn ring sundae in under 5 minutes at the rehearsal. So, on the day, they were not only tied but GLUED. I told you four-year-olds could not be trusted with real rings!


A beautiful bridesmaid showing off her knitted hair flower, one of their gifts from me.


De-labeled, spray-painted wine bottles, with daisies...and a photobombing guest.

In the end, a combination of soaking in hot water and scrubbing with steel wool was the best method for removing the labels. It was not an easy process, though. I can’t say I recommend this as a quick and easy wedding craft, but it did have the benefit of being incredibly inexpensive.


Other table decorations: records for Mr. Cake and books for me!


The much-maligned favor bags.

From my husband’s insistence that the bags were wasteful to my maid of honor’s irritation at my bow-tying instructions (no matter how gently I tried to deliver them), these were pretty much the bane of everyone’s existence. But they’re cute, no?


The cutting cake, with its PEZ toppers.

OMG, yummy cupcakes!


The display ended up being much busier than I had envisioned (what’s up with all those grapes, anyway?), but they were delicious, so who cares?

One thing I have previously mentioned that you will notice is not pictured: my hand-knit shrug. During the blocking process, it somehow got a stain on it that I could not remove. Heartbreaking. But I plan to dye it a darker color (perhaps a royal purple) and wear it when we go out on our anniversary.


Since we’re coming up on six months since the wedding, this is obviously no longer a wedding planning blog.

It’s now a Random Crap I’m Working On Blog! Or, I guess, I could call it a project blog. But that’s not as exciting.

Coming soon:
Pics of my various knitting and crochet projects
Details on the costumes I’m making for the hubs and I for Halloween
My EPIC Jello shot concoction project for Wrockstock

Whee! This will be fun.

Wow, it’s been almost two months since the wedding. I feel like there are a million things a conscientious blogger should update her readers on, but as everyone has probably figured out by now, I am definitely not a conscientious blogger. I do want to post some pics of how my various projects I mentioned turned out. I’m really pleased with how everything looked.

As for the question everyone just loves to ask, “How’s married life treating you?” Well, pretty much exactly the same as un-married but co-habitating life was treating me, except now minus the stress of planning the wedding. Maybe it has yet to sink in, or maybe this is it, but I feel exactly the same. Which isn’t bad. We were happy to begin with, which is why we chose to get married.

So, that’s that. Pics to come soon!

It’s not blocked yet, so forgive the wonky shape in some places.

Also, please forgive that this pic is taken with my phone. The actual color is more true red, not as pink as it looks here.

Now, let’s just hope it fits him…


We’re just eight days away from the wedding. This time next week, the shower and bachelorette party will be over, hopefully my hangover won’t be too bad, and I’ll be getting ready to take care of those last-minute details and attend the rehearsal.

It seems crazy that something we’ve planned for so long is finally almost here. It doesn’t even seem real.

It’s hard to say what I’m feeling in these final days. I’m excited. I’m terrified. I’m worried about a million little things (and some big things as well). Will everything get done in time? Will I be able to relax and enjoy the day, or will I be a crazy stressball? Will it feel meaningful enough, or will I just feel like I’m playing at getting married? And how will I feel once the wedding is over? (Because I’m a planner by nature, I’ve already planned a project to fill the empty hours that previously were ALL WEDDING ALL THE TIME.)

This really isn’t how I expected to feel in the days leading up to my wedding. I didn’t expect to feel so achingly alone. And I didn’t expect to be so fraught with worry. I never truly understood why people said wedding planning was stressful.

I don’t have a pithy wrap-up to this post. I don’t have a lesson I’ve learned from it. Hopefully, the lesson will be apparent later, after the wedding. Right now, I just needed to get it out there.

  • All 115 cds are all burned! Now I just have to print the inserts, trim them, and assemble.

Mr. Cake is a dj. The title of the cd is a play on his dj name.

  • One of my bridesmaids traced the stencils for the groomsman gifts the other night while I burned cds and knitted.

Maid: This would be a lot easier if I had a lightbox.
Me: I can make that happen.

Glass tabletop + lamp on the floor = ghetto lightbox

  • I finished the ringbearer “sundae.”

So cute!

I sewed half the button eyes onto my shrug, removed the labels from about a third of our wine bottles (more on this later), and am really close to finishing the ringbearer vest. I still need to etch the groomsman gifts, work on the Super Secret Bridesmaid Project, and spray paint the bottles. It might all get done. I remain hopeful.


Or, how I spent time crafting something I could just as easily have bought. 😉

We wanted chalkboards for folks to write messages to us when they use the photobooth at the wedding, kind of like do-it-yourself photo captioning. My original idea was to cut speech bubble shapes out of wood and attach a handle to the back, but I got lazy.

You will need:

  • Chalkboard paint
  • Something to spray it on (after much wandering around Hobby Lobby, I decided on two artist’s canvases–the hard board kind, not the actual stretched canvas, which I felt had too much give)
  • Latex gloves
  • Chalk
  • A felt eraser
  1. Working in a well-ventilated area (such as “outside”) and on a surface that you don’t mind getting permanently messy (such as cardboard or newspaper), spray light, even coats.

    First coat

    Second coat

    In retrospect, gloves would have been a good idea.

    There we go. Moving on...

    Third coat

  2. Wait 24 hours for the paint to fully set, then “cure” the chalkboard by rubbing the entire surface with the long side of a piece of chalk, then wiping it off with a felt eraser.

    The next day. Looking spiffy.

    Curing the chalkboard

    Erasing. Duh.


After my first trip to Hobby Lobby, I realized I had forgotten an eraser. When I went back to get one, I couldn’t find them. Inexplicably, they are not kept next to the chalk. When I finally tracked down an employee, who tracked down the proper aisle, I saw, right there next to the erasers, ready-made chalkboards of approximately the same size as what I made for $8 apiece. The supplies for the ones I made cost about $15, so it would have been a dollar more to buy them rather than make them. Sigh.

Oh well. These have a cleaner look to them, as they don’t have the unfinished wood trim on the edges that definitely screams “SCHOOL CLASSROOM!” And if I want, I can put them in a nice frame later and hang them somewhere in my house, to leave super classy honey-do lists for the hubs. A to-do list is so much more palatable in a gilt frame, don’t you agree?

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